March 28, 2020

前端技术栈月刊 📖 2020-03



# 星推

  • CSSTree

    A tool set for CSS including fast detailed parser, walker, generator and lexer based on W3C specs and browser implementations

    GitHub Star 仅仅 854+, Used by 超过 1.4M

  • register-service-worker

    A script to simplify service worker registration with hooks for common events.

    GitHub Star 仅仅 430+, Used by 超过 41.5K,尤大的又一个被广泛使用的 repository

  • Mini SVG data: URI

    Small, efficient encoding of SVG data URIs for CSS, HTML, etc.

    GitHub Star 仅仅 100+, Used by 超过 40.7K

# 工具

  • colorcube.js

    Dominant color extraction from RGB images—DOM port of Ole Krause-Sparman's algorithm

  • Color Thief

    Grab the color palette from an image using just Javascript. Works in the browser and in Node.


  • is an online service provider for creating simple animations

  • Stitches

    A simple, fast web app to generate html based on a collection of commonly used user interface patterns.

    一个可以快速生成网站原型的工具,封装了常见的UI模式,使用Tailwind CSS 搭建

    这里是作者 Amie Chen文章介绍

  • Entypo+

    411 carefully crafted premium pictograms by Daniel Bruce


    Turn your Google Sheet into an API. Power websites, apps, or whatever you like, all from a spreadsheet.

  • Cmpct

    Create shorter, safer, better links you can share.


  • Nice Color Palettes

    A JSON of the top color palettes on, as RGB hex strings.

  • NPM Trends

    NPM package comparison app

    一个可以用来比较发布在 npm 的 package 下载量的应用,比如 Vue & React


    coveralls help you deliver code confidently by showing which parts of your code aren’t covered by your test suite.

  • Svg Spreact

    Public endpoint to generate SVG Sprites

    • Input: svg file
    • Output: svg sprite code

  • Avatars

    Avatars is an avatar placeholder library for designers and developers. You can choose between simple identicons and lovely designed characters.

  • Dev Awesome

    A list curated by developers for developers, find projects, articles and pages to improve learning or stay up to date with the new。

  • Compound grid generator


# 教程

# 资源

# 应用

平台 应用 说明
MAC Gifski Convert videos to high-quality GIFs
MAC Nucleo Icon Organizer & Icon Library
MAC Pretzel A smart, simple desktop app that shows and searches keyboard shortcuts based on your currently focused app.