May 28, 2020

前端技术栈月刊 📖 2020-05



# 星推

  • vitepress

    VuePress's little brother, built on top of vite.

# 工具

  • Splitting

    Splitting creates elements and adds CSS variables to unlock amazing possibilities for animating text, grids, and more!

  • GitHub VS Code theme

    GitHub's VS Code theme

  • SVG Path Visualizer 📐

    Enter a SVG path data to visualize it and discover all its different commands

  • Animated Bézier Curves

    These animations illustrate how a parametric Bézier curve is constructed

  • Browser Default Styles

    Search elements, filter engines, find browser default styles

  • glow-sans

    SHSans-derived CJK font family with a more concise & modern look. 未来荧黑·未來熒黑·ヒカリ角ゴ:基于思源黑体改造,拥有粗度和宽度系列,更加简明现代的超大字体家族。

  • Pico

    Take browser screenshots in Javascript 📸

  • path-to-regexp

    Turn a path string such as /user/:name into a regular expression

  • Caniuse Embed

    📊Embed realtime data from

# 教程

# 资源